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In the ghetto of Trenchtown, we called him "Tuff Gong". Then the world has acclaimed him as Bob Marley. Throughout the world, he delivered the message of Jah. His music was his weapon against injustice and oppression. He planted a seed and we are reaping the fruits.

Some of us met him, some saw him on stage, some met him in other circumstances. Unfortunately some of you have never saw or met him... I’ve collected unpublished stories, authentics stories of people who met Bob Marley in professional settings, in person, or just at a concert. I’m pleased to share these precious testimony with you.

One Love.

Emmanuel Parata -


Memories of Jah People cover

Bob Marley, Paris, 1980

Bob Marley, Grenoble, 1980

Bob Marley playing football.

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